A cousin, who has been living in Dehradun for many years, had repeatedly invited us to his home. Finally, 6 years ago, we made the visit happen.

If I am heading to a new place, I start my research by checking out all the places to see, around the place we are to visit. Then I plan what we can see, depending on our time and finances. Then I plan a schedule for the trip and take care of any online bookings that have to be taken care of.

All this taken care of, we took a flight to Delhi and from there went to Dehradun by train. Meeting cousins after many years was a happy affair and the next day my schedule started. My cousin took us around Dehradun for the sightseeing on day 1.

First we went to Tapkeshwar mahadev temple.
Situated 6 km from Dehradun, Tapkeshwar Mahadev temple is a famous temple of Lord Shiva, on the banks of the Asan river (The Asan river is a tributary of the Tons river, which is again a tributary of the Yamuna river). It has a very old Shivling in a cave and drops of water fall naturally on the Shivling. Hence it is called Tapkeshwar temple. Tall people have to bend a lot to get the darshan of Shivji.

Next we went to Forest reserve institute.


Established as Imperial Forest Research Institute in 1906, it was previously located in Chandhbagh. Later land was acquired and the present building was constructed in Greeko Roman architechture style. It is an impressive building, huge and with a plinth area of 2.5 hectares. This building was inaugurated in 1929. Its history is synonymous with the evolution and development of scientific forestry not only in India but in the entire Indian subcontinent. This campus has museums along with the university. The day we went, we could only see the building because all museums were closed that day. A few movies have also been picturised here.

Next we went to the best part, Robbers cave

IMG_20181215_220455 IMG_20181215_215830

Robbers cave which is locally known as Gucchupani, located around 7 km from Dehradun, is a popular tourist spot. It is said that robbers used to hide here during the British rule, which gave it it’s name. We have to walk through water to reach the caves, walking in between huge rock formations.

IMG_20181215_220045 IMG_20181215_220343

A waterfall inside a cave and the opening above it.



It is a natural cave formation where rivers flow into the caves. It is safe, delightful and thrilling. We had a real fun time here.

There was a makeshift eatery at the entrance, where we sat on chairs placed in water. Normally all eateries at tourist places in Uttarakhand serve maggi noodles. Wherever you go, you may or may not get some eatables, but you will surely get maggi noodles. Eating hot noodles, chatting, with feet in water was a new experience.

Anybody going to Dehradun shouldn’t miss Robbers cave.



4 thoughts on “Dehradun

  1. Lovely, Sudha!

    Looks like you’re posting from sites scattered across India, which is wonderful. It would be interesting to compare and contrast art (in terms of the style of carvings, materials used etc) and also local customs from one region to another. Especially because India is such an amalgamation of cultures and histories.

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