Nainital – The Lake District of India

Our next destination was Nainital. From Dehradun, we took a train to reach Kathgodam.

Kathgodam is the last station on the Indian railways line, to reach places like Nainital, Mukteshwar, Kasauni, Almora etc. I had booked a room in a hotel at Kathgodam and planned to do sightseeing from there. The hotel was very near to the railway station and was thus convenient. It was evening when we reached Kathgodam, so we relaxed for the evening. On speaking with the manager, he assured us that he would arrange for a good cab for us for the next two days. Since our schedule was prefixed, we had an idea on what all we wanted to cover.

Day 1.
The next day, we had booked the cab to take us to see Nainital. Nainital, known as the City of lakes, is really beautiful. The scenic beauty, the Lakes and the general environment of peacefulness makes us love the place.


The Nainital Lake


A beautiful lake, high up in the mountains.


The Sherwood College on the bottom right corner.

We had taken a horse ride to see various beautiful scenic spots. Riding on the horse was an adventure in itself as we had a doubt whether we would remain seated on the horse. Though a person controlled each horse, and though the horses too were mild, the cobbled path which we travelled was too steep and narrow, and we are tall people on smaller sized horses. So, though we did appreciate the beautiful views, we were more secure when the horses came onto normal paths. We went to Tiffin top and Snow view points.


The Raj Bhavan

Then we went to the Raj Bhavan which is a colonial building, which is now used as the Governor’s residence. It previously served as summer residence of British Governors. We were told that part of the building had been open for sightseeing for many years but had been stopped, sometime prior to the time we went as there had been some disturbances. I would have loved to see the interior of that British building. I think it is open to visitors again.


Boating on the Naini Lake

Then we went to Mall road which is besides the Naini lake, then went to Naini Devi temple which is believed to be a Shakti Peeta of Sati Devi, where her eye had fallen. Then we went for boating on the Naini Lake.
We went to all the tourist spots except the zoo. to go to the zoo, we had to walk on a steep incline, which we were too tired to do after all the sightseeing.


Beautiful Bhimtal

While returning, we stopped at Bhimtal, took some photographs and came back to our hotel in Kathgodam.

Day 2.
We dedicated day two to Jim Corbett. I had booked a ticket online, for tiger safari in the Corbett National Park. So we took the cab and headed to Corbett National Park.


IMG_0361    IMG_0362

Corbett Museum

First, we stopped at Jim Corbett Museum at Kaladhungi, which was the bungalow which he had resided in and displays the belongings he used. We had read many books about the adventures of Jim Corbett, so visiting the Bungalow that he had lived in was so nice. A glimpse into his life and activities was so interesting.


Then we stopped at Corbett Falls, which is a scenic falls a short distance away from Corbett Museum. It is a popular tourist spot, and people were having a great time there. After spending some time there, we continued to Corbett National Park.


Corbett National Park has five zones, Bijrani Safari Zone, Jhirna Safari Zone, Dhela Safari Zone, Dhikala Zone and Durga Devi Zone. Since my booking had been done online, we went directly to the entrance of the zone where we had a permit to. There we had to book a jeep which was charged again. We went in that jeep into the reserve after which a guide was assigned to each jeep. Then our Safari started. Sitting in an open jeep in a jungle safari was thrilling. Though we saw many animals and birds such as Sambhar, Elephants, Chital, Wild Boar, Peacocks and Paradise Flycatcher in the reserve, the Tiger eluded us. Sighting a tiger would have been an icing on the cake, but still we were happy with the safari and thoroughly enjoyed it.

After the safari we went back to Kathgodem to our hotel. The next day afternoon, we had a train to Delhi and a flight home from Delhi. Thus ended a lovely tour six years ago, with an amalgamation of Nature, Wildlife and Spirituality. A trip to remember.


3 thoughts on “Nainital – The Lake District of India

    1. Thank you Sandhya for visiting.
      Day dedicated to Jim Corbett was definitely enjoyable. After reading about his adventures for many years, visiting his house was thrilling.


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