Travel – And miles to go before I sleep.

Have you woken up one day and realised that the years have fled pretty fast? That there is so much to do and see before you face obstacles and find fulfilling your heart’s desire is no longer very easy? Well, that is how i feel now.

From childhood, palaces, forts, temple architechture and carvings have held a fascination for me.

When I was a child, we lived in United Kingdom for a few years. I had seen the Buckingham Palace from outside like any other tourist, but the image that stayed with me was not of Buckingham palace but of a castle that I had seen during a long drive. My father used to take these family trips with friend’s families, and it was during such a drive that I saw a castle. From afar definitely, but I couldn’t miss the atmosphere of it and was drawn to it. As a child you cannot ask your parents to change directions, when they were travelling with others. So that vague image stayed with me. Later our family shifted back to India.

Luckily in my country, we may not have castles, but we have palaces, forts, picturesque locales and temples with beautiful carvings. Till I was a student, I never travelled for sightseeing. The only travel was to visit relatives scattered in different places. So life just kept passing me by without me indulging in my love for sightseeing.


After a few years I started getting a chance to travel. Even though it was occasional, I was glad that I was taking the first steps towards realising my dream. When you have a family, you have responsibilities, obligations and financial constraints, so even if I was taking a trip once in 3, 4 years, I was happy.

My trips may have been small, but they were definitely fulfilling. Going out of the country was not my focus (though I did take a trip to the US 2 years ago), but seeing what all beauty my country had to offer was very important to me. Till now, I have seen quite a few places, though I wasn’t able to photograph my earlier travels.

Going to new places is such fun. Each place has people speaking different languages, different dressing style, different cuisine, it is such a joy experiencing all these aspects of travel.

I have so much more that I want to see, and I surely will. As Scarlett O’Hara famously said, “After all …. Tomorrow is another day”.


10 thoughts on “Travel – And miles to go before I sleep.

  1. Welcome to the blogging world, Sudha!

    Lovely idea–sharing your love for beautiful and historical sites with like-minded people. I look forward to visiting your blog often to indulge in my fondness for carvings and awesome architecture! 🙂

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  2. Hi Sudha – lovely post and congratulations for sharing your world with the rest. I hope to read and travel to different places through your blog. Best Wishes

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  3. My thoughts exactly Sudha!!
    May I suggest a book on Taj by Diane Preston. Awesome! Historical moguls come to life along with the palaces and forts.


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